About Us

"Therefore ought the woman to have a covering over her head because of the angels." (I Corinthians XI:10)

Modesty Chapel Veils specializes in custom-made, reasonably priced lace chapel veils for women and girls. First Holy Communion veils are also available - currently in two styles. Our chapel veils currently come in six colors and several styles.

Modesty Chapel Veils officially began on February 14, 1994 in a small New Hampshire town. After having made chapel veils for ourselves, we had requests from friends and acquaintances to make veils for them to buy. Having visited different chapels and churches, we found ourselves receiving inquiries as to where they could buy veils like the ones we were wearing. And so, Modesty Chapel Veils had its start.

On February 14, 1994, our then 16-year-old daughter, Kelly began the business. My husband Ralph made templates for the various sizes of veils - which has been a real time-saver in the cutting of veils. I myself would assist Kelly with the cutting of the veils when I had time. In 1999, Kelly married and moved away from NH, taking the veil making business with her. Shortly before the birth of her first child in March of 2000, Kelly decided to end the business. At that time, I realized it Modesty Veils must continue to operate as more and more women were not only wearing chapel veils but also looking to continue buying them. Also, Kelly had built up a small clientele which I hated to disappoint. In the end, I took over the responsibilities of operating Modesty Veils and I now run the business here from southern New Mexico, where I currently reside with my husband and our daughter, Mary - the youngest of our five children. Mary is my assistant in various aspects of the veil-making business. I hope to build-up enough business to require more help.

I believe we are unique in that Modesty Veils is a small, Catholic, home-based business devoted to the making, selling and wearing of chapel veils out of respect for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament - ever present in the tabernacles of all Catholic churches. As quoted from the book by Jackie Freppon entitled "The Unveiled Woman", St. Paul advises women to cover their head in church because:

Our Lord commanded it;
It is a visible sign of an invisible order established by God;
The Angels at Mass are offended if women don't use it;
It is a ceremonial vestment;
It is our heritage.

I use very fine quality laces in a variety of colors with matching lace trims. Each veil is custom made and carefully sewn by myself, a seamstress of over 30 years. Orders are processed as soon as they come in. I cut, sew and ship as quickly as I can to please each customer. No reasonable request for veils is denied. Special orders may cost more due to materials, but please don't be afraid to ask if you don't see quite what you want on the site!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

May God bless you and our Lady watch over you always.

In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Laura Harron